How artificial intelligence can help in Education?

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is beginning to become a very vital part of our lives. Every field ranging from military to medicine has been benefited from the advances made in AI. life of an ordinary man has become not only organized but also easy thanks to AI.

Education industry is still functioning a lot on traditional methods with little change over the years. Artificial Intelligence has also laid its footsteps in the Education Industry. In the past few years, with the advancements in Artificial intelligence a lot of advancements have been made in the educational industry as well. Artificial Intelligence has brought about wonderful changes to the current education system benefiting both the institutions as well as the students.

These are a few advantages of having educational software powered by AI such as Inforobo in the education industry:

  • Interactive teaching: Inforobo’s artificial intelligence can be used to create step-by step tutorials using images, animation etc. The advancements made till date in AI cannot completely replace teachers but can take care of basic teaching sessions and teachers can act as facilitators to help where AI fails short. E-learning courses and training programs are becoming popular. These intelligent tutoring systems can be customized as per the student’s needs and pace of learning.
  • Real Time Assistance to students: Artificial Intelligence can help in taking this to the next level by providing real-time support to students. AI can help in the learning process of an individual student and can offer timely interventions in real time to support the students especially when the teachers are not available, as AI can be available 24*7
  • Global learning: Unlike olden days, Education cannot be limited to boundaries and time, AI has helped achieve this. It can help bring vital changes in the education industry by allowing students to learn any type of course from anywhere in the world at any time. Education programs powered by Artificial Intelligence can start equipping students with basic skills and as AI develops and becomes more advanced, a wider range of courses can be run will the help of AI giving students the opportunity to learn from anywhere anytime.
  • Professor’s Assistant: leaving behind the traditional methods of a black board and chalk, professors can now prepare their classes in a more organized way. By using Inforobo educational software powered by AI they can Store notes, to-do lists, snippets, diagrams, website bookmarks, contacts, ideas etc. and retrieve it back quickly while teaching. This surely results in better communication between students and professors.
  • Helpful feedback: Feedback is an important ingredient for self-analysis and to increase efficiency. Education programs powered by AI can not only help teachers and students to craft courses that are customized to their needs, but it can also provide feedback to both about the success of the course. Some educational institutions are already using AI systems to monitor the progress of their students and alert the professors regarding the same. These kinds of AI systems allow students to get the support they need and for professors to find areas where they can improve instruction for students who may struggle with the subject matter.

Over the past decade, Artificial Intelligence has enriched the way one can attain knowledge. AI has addressed several challenges of learning, including language processing, reasoning and cognitive modelling. Intelligent tutor systems have become very famous, these are able to track the “mental steps” of the learner during problem solving and thus able to diagnose where exactly the learner needs improvement. These Intelligent Tutoring Systems can also take in feedback and provide timely guidance and explanations to the learner. These can be customized as per the student, in terms of pace of learning, level of difficulty and content required.

A meta-analysis comparing learner outcomes using Intelligent Tutor Systems to learner outcomes using other instructional methods found that over a wide aware of conditions, learning from Intelligent Tutor Systems led to higher outcome scores. Inforobo is one such tutoring system that helps the teacher, student and the institution. A lot of advancement in the way knowledge is imparted has been possible because of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is going to play an important role in the growing field of education in years to come.

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