Improve voice interaction with Braina and LLMs using dictation mode

We know that dictation mode can be used for dictating in third party software and command mode is used to send commands directly to Braina (or a language model like ChatGPT when LLM mode is enabled).

However, did you know that dictation mode can also be used for speech-to-text input directly into Braina’s input field? Once the text is transcribed, it can then be used as a command or prompt to Braina or the LLM. This is possible because anything entered by typing in Braina’s window is always interpreted as a command. Therefore, even with dictation mode enabled, you can still issue commands to Braina by typing them in the main window.

Voice interactions can sometimes be challenging, especially for users who need more time to articulate their thoughts. Braina’s dictation mode provides a more accommodating environment for such users. By utilizing this feature, you can take as much time as you need to ask your questions without being interrupted. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

1. Start Speech Recognition: Click on the microphone button (the grey button on the bottom-right side of Braina’s window) or press Ctrl+Alt+L (or Ctrl+Shift+L). The grey microphone button should turn red if everything is working correctly.

2. Type or Say “Dictation mode on”: You can either type this command into Braina or simply say it out loud. Alternatively, click on the D icon on the toolbar or press Alt+D (while Braina’s main window is in focus). The icon will turn green, indicating that dictation mode is active.

3. Position Your Cursor: To ensure that your speech is correctly transcribed into the input field, place your mouse cursor in Braina’s input field (the white box where you can type) so that you can see blinking text cursor in the input field.

4. Speak Clearly: Now that everything is set up, you can proceed with your question. Begin speaking your question. Because you’re using dictation mode, Braina will type your speech into the input field as you speak. Feel free to take your time; Braina will not cut you off. You can pause between words or phrases as needed. You can also edit the text both manually and using dictation commands.

5. Say “Enter”: Once you’ve finished composing your question or command, to submit your question, simply say Enter (Braina’s window should be in focus), Braina will process your question and provide the corresponding answer.

This hybrid approach of using command mode via dictation mode allows you to take your time while asking questions, accommodating users who might need extra time to formulate their queries. You also maintain control over when your question is submitted, reducing the frustration of being cut off prematurely.

For more details on using dictation and punctuation commands, refer to Braina’s Dictation Commands guide: Dictation Commands.

If you have any further questions or need additional support, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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