Braina 1.36 Changelog (Release notes)

New improvements made in Braina version 1.36 are as follows:

  1. Fixes related to URLs

  2. Fixes related to translating webpages with URL staring with https protocol.

  3. Knowledge Graph : Braina now answers many informative facts on famous people, places and things as shown below:

    Find facts about famous people:

    • Birthdate
      Example: Birthdate of Brad Pit
    • Age
      Example: Age of Barrack Obama
    • Children
      Example: Who are children of Bill Gates?
    • Spouse
      Example: Wife of Bill Gates, Who is husband of Hillary Clinton?
    • Religion
      Example: Religion of Barack Obama
    • Occupation
      Example: Occupation of Johnny Depp
    • Gender
      Example: Gender of Lady Gaga
    • Birthplace
      Example: Birthplace of Buddha
    • Awards Received
      Example: Awards received by Usain Bolt
    • Nationality
      Example: Nationality of Narendra Modi

    Find facts about famous organizations and institutions:

    • Founder
      Example: Who are founders of Google?
    • Owner
      Example: Owner of IBM
    • Headquarters location
      Example: Headquarters location of starbucks
    • Type
      Example: Type of Facebook
    • Awards Received
      Example: Awards received by Google
    • Chief Executive Officer
      Example: CEO of Microsoft

    Find facts about countries, famous places and things:

    • Capital
      Example: Capital of Scotland, Capital of Texas
    • Country calling code
      Example: Calling code of India
    • Currency
      Example: Currency of Japan
    • Official language
      Example: Official language of Germany
    • Head of government
      Example: Prime minister of India
    • Highest point
      Example: Highest point in United States
    • Measurements
      Example: Height of Eiffel Tower, Weight of Earth

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