Braina 1.43 Changelog (Release notes)

New improvements made in Braina version 1.43 are as follows:

  1. In-built Commands for inserting Punctuation marks in dictation mode
    Braina now has in-built support for punctuation marks in English and most of the other languages including German, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, French, Portuguese, Gujarati, Turkish, Indonesian, Greek, Nederlands, Norwegian, Danish etc.

    You can also create custom punctuation commands using Voice Recognition Aliases feature.

  2. Support for Braina’s iOS app

    We are soon going to launch iOS app for Braina similar to the existing Android app.

One thought on “Braina 1.43 Changelog (Release notes)

  1. Quite a while ago, last year, I had inquired about Braina being ported to a raspberry pi. I was informed that it was being worked on and that it was still several months out. Has that project been cancelled?

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