Braina 1.94/1.95 – Artificial Brain, Persistent Memory for LLM, Braina Swift, Braina Pinnacle

New improvements made in Braina version 1.95 are as follows:

  1. Artificial Brain and Persistent Memory for Large Language Models
    With Artificial Brain feature, Braina does language understanding and learns from every conversation. Further, it can also recall specific memory based on the context and it can pass it to advanced AI chat engines/LLM like Braina, Braina Swift or Braina Pinnacle. This “persistent memory” feature allows you to use LLMs more robustly and with great personalization!
    Read Artificial Brain – Personal AI with Persistent Memory for more information
  2. New Advanced AI Chat Engines/LLM: Braina Swift, Braina Pinnacle, Claude 2.1
    Braina now supports Anthropic’s Claude 2.1 LLM. Moreover, we have introduced two new advanced AI chat engines: Braina Swift and Braina Pinnacle.

    Braina Swift is faster and more economical than Braina and Braina Pinnalce.

    Braina Pinnacle is the most advanced AI chat engine which can do tasks that require higher reasoning and accuracy. However, it is more than 10 times costlier than Braina Swift. You can find more details about the advanced AI credits here:

  3. Advanced AI Image (Text to Image / Speech to Image)
    Braina’s advanced AI image feature allows you to generate AI images using various generative AI models like OpenAI’s Dall-E 3, Stable diffusion etc.

    Type or say “Create image” in Braina or press Ctrl+Shift+I to open Advanced AI Image generator. You can also directly give voice commands, for e.g., “Create an image of cute cat”

  4. Advanced AI Voice
    Human sounding voices for TTS (Beta). Utilizes Advanced AI credits.
  5. Bug fixes

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