Braina 1.81 – OpenAI ChatGPT integration – Use ChatGPT directly in any software or website

New improvements made in Braina version 1.81 are as follows:

  1. Fixed a bug that caused crash while using offline speech recognition
  2. Use ChatGPT directly in any software or website
    • We have now integrated OpenAI’s ChatGPT with Braina’s Advance AI Chat system. You will be able to use ChatGPT in Braina with benefits of both speech to text (speech recognition) and text to speech (TTS). We will also integrate Google Bard when it becomes available.
    • Apart from using ChatGPT in Braina’s interface, now you can also write article, email, programming code directly in any software (for e.g. MS Word, WordPress, Gmail, Visual Studio etc.) with help of ChatGPT and Braina.
    • For example, you can say following commands (when command mode is on) and Braina will automatically type it’s advance AI response in the software or website that is currently open.
    • e.g. Write an article on artificial intelligence of around 200 words
    • e.g. Type a PHP code to add two number.
    • e.g. Write an email to my boss telling him that I will be on sick leave for 2 days.
  3. You can also type Braina’s previous response in any software or website by using “Type previous reply” command. (when command mode is on).
  4. Advanced AI context aware options:
    • No : Only current input is processed by Advance AI Chat.
    • Previous Interaction: Previous interaction is processed along with the current input for context awareness.
    • Previous Input only: Only your input of previous interaction is processed along with the current input.
    • Past 3 interactions: Previous three interactions are processed along with the current input for context awareness.
    • Past 3 inputs and last reply: Previous three inputs are processed by the Advance AI Chat engine along with previous reply and the current input.
    • Maximum interactions: Maximum interactions are processed for the most context awareness. However, this will use more Advanced AI tokens.
advanced AI context awareness options Braina

Note: Sensitive texts such as notes, reminders, alarms, custom commands list etc. are not sent for processing to advance AI chat to maintain your privacy.

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