How does Artificial Intelligence help in Marketing and Sales

Artificial Intelligence is emerging the trend of getting work done faster and with more efficiency. Those days where we waited hours together to get assistance and information on products are long gone thanks to Virtual Sales Assistant(VSA). Virtual sales assistance is a remarkable entry of Artificial Intelligence in the field of Marketing and sales.

Marketing and sales are at the heart of business success. An individual dedicates significant time and resources to marketing his product using various strategies and research, but at the end of the day, it’s the sale that counts. In all your planning and strategizing, the role that a Virtual Sales Assistants plays increases your sales and efficiency. A business-grade virtual assistant can become an integral part of your sales team, add a boost to your sales process, and free up your time to focus on the strategic aspects of lead generation and conversion.

Virtual sales assistant is a friendly customer service representative who identifies opportunities for sales. It is the key that helps one to unlock their company’s sales potential. Here’s how:

  • Timely follow up with new leads: The virtual sales assistant will provide timely and quick responses to the customers regarding new leads. It helps customers in real time. Customers don’t need to wait for email replies. This responsive nature will surely increase sales!
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Using Virtual Sales Assistant exceptional customer service is guaranteed which would lead to growth of the company. The current clients in any business are a company’s Lifeline as its easier and more cost effective to grow an existing customer than to win a new one. The VSA understands how to manage queries, frustrations, so your clients are happy and their issues resolved. It handles all your inbound service inquiries – and knows when to send issues up the ladder, escalating only those complaints that require your attention.
  • Around the clock, Assistance: The virtual sales assistant is not bound by time, it is open to client queries 24/7. Obstruction due to time zone differences can also be avoided.
  • Cost saving: Companies spend a lot of money towards training and resources for its staff. Whereas using a Virtual Sales Assistant increases efficiency by reducing costs.
  • Focusing on more complex tasks: The staff employed can focus on complex tasks since the VSA looks after less complex customer support.
  • Social Media: In this digital age, social media is unavoidable; marketing through social media sets a new trend. Also, social media is a place where one will find current customers raving, frustrated clients ranting, questioning etc. The VSA can handle the social media too. It knows how to leverage each social site to service current clients better and attract new customers.
  • Follow-ups: Customer satisfaction doesn’t end with a closed sale or resolved customer issue; it extends to weeks following a purchase. Virtual sales assistant provides personalized service and care. It knows the importance to follow up with the customers regularly. It also helps businesses to follow up on their orders.

Many companies are hiring Virtual sales Assistants to manage their overall marketing and sales tasks. One such truly worth mentioning product is Inforobo that guarantees an overall progress in marketing and sales.

In this age dominated by artificial intelligence the focus of an enterprise from the number of customers they have done businesses with has changed to a wider perspective involving a lot more other factors like marketing, back office tasks, efficiency etc. With changing technology and to make every second truly count, it’s time we all hire a Virtual Sales Assistant.

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