How does Artificial Intelligence help In Health Care?

Technology surrounds us, making our daily lives simple and easier. There are various thought leaders who believe that we are experiencing the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is characterized by a range of new technologies that are fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds, impacting all disciplines, economies and industries, and even challenging ideas about what it means to be human.

Despite the progress that many other industries have made, one market where artificial intelligence has and can truly have an impact that goes beyond convenience and positively affects human lives is healthcare. Artificial Intelligence can be used to improve the efficiency of treatments and avoid costs by minimizing the risks of false diagnosis.AI based systems are gaining popularity as they allow for better diagnosis, cure and treatment of diseases that make the patient very weak.

Artificial Intelligence based systems are a boon to the healthcare industry:

  • Helpful for patients: Healthcare bots or chatbots are trending doctors in your pockets. This is a better fit than the orthodox approaches. The doctor-patient relationship is no more confined with boundaries and time. These healthcare bots can be used by discharged patients to follow up with treatment plans. Chatbots like Inforobo are such of a kind, they can also be used by patients about symptoms of a disease. By leveraging bots, providers can significantly decrease those frustrating wait times and quickly determine if a patient needs escalation to a nurse, physician, emergency room, or specialty practice.
  • Helpful for Doctors: Doctor’s efforts will be greatly assisted, especially when engaged in differential diagnosis. Using these AI based systems or chatbots doctors can access medical knowledge using natural language which will help them to check for drug side effects, treatment plans for diseases etc. Inforobo, is one such bot that gives overall Assistance to the doctor.
  • Helpful for Hospitals and Institutes: Many hospitals are becoming bot-lovers and are making use of this technology and making themselves efficient. These bot-loving hospitals use this technology for the following.
  • Querying a patient’s ID to check their insurance and confirm coverage parameters
  • Pulling up special menus for patients with dietary restrictions.
  • Accessing information instantly about drug interactions and side effects.
  • Scanning bar codes when inventorying medical supplies.

AI based systems like Inforobo can be customized to work as a front-end natural language interface for EHR (Electronic Health Record).

Healthcare is not ready to fully trust AI to independently diagnose patient diseases, advancements in the fields of machine learning, big data and AI have contributed to healthcare by assisting in processing data and discovery insights much faster than humans can. AI, working alongside experienced clinicians, is likely to continue to be the current course for many healthcare organizations. There will soon come a day when health care will rely more and more on this type of automation to complete increasingly complex tasks. As the technology advances and we as patients become more comfortable interacting with computer programs, we should see the cost of health care go down, the quality of health care services go up, and the happiness of health care workers improve.

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