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We know that ChatGPT is a game changing innovation in the field of AI. Braina’s AI Chat for Android and ChatGPT for Windows PC are similar but better AI chatbots powered by natural language processing (NLP) that helps you quickly and easily find answers to any of your questions. Braina supports voice recognition and wake up word mic activation for complete hands free experience. It speaks back to you in most of the languages of the world!

Braina (Brain Artificial) is a result of solid research work done in the field of artificial intelligence, natural language understanding (NLU), natural language generation (NLG) and deep learning. Braina does language understanding and learns from conversation with the help of machine learning models created in house by us as well as OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 Chat models.

Braina AI Chat is just not an interface for ChatGPT but rather a better Chat GPT alternative as it can do much more than what ChatGPT does. It understands voice commands and talks back responses in your own language! You can also copy, edit and share the responses. ChatGPT is limited to information till 2021 and does not have knowledge about current events while Braina can show you latest news and current events.

Braina’s AI assistant for PC has been in market for over 10 years and has a plethora of features that Chat GPT does not have.

Braina also has a local AI engine that works on your own computer and stores data on your own computer. This feature is called Artificial Brain. This means you can also use Braina offline maintaining privacy and data security.

Reasons why Braina is better alternative than ChatGPT:

  1. You can speak to Braina in any language and Braina will speak back the answer to you making the experience handsfree and intuitive!
  2. Braina is faster than ChatGPT. ChatGPT sometimes takes more than 30 seconds to answer simple queries!
  3. ChatGPT is bad at math. It is only a language model and thus as a limitation it cannot perform math operations as good as Braina can. You simply can’t rely on ChatGPT for mathematics as it often produces incorrect results. Moreover, Braina can do the calculations offline and it is super fast!ChatGPT will tell you how it arrived at the result of the math operation making you believe the answer is correct even when the answer it gave is wrong! (see images below)

    ChatGPT Wrong result

    ChatGPT wrong math calculations

    ChatGPT does wrong math calculations

    Braina correct math answers

    Braina gives correct math answers

  4. Since Braina can also answer queries using OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models, ChatGPT’s functionality is a subset of Braina. Braina can do all the things that ChatGPT can but ChatGPT cannot do all the things that Braina can do.
  5. Braina for Windows PC is not only a chatbot like ChatGPT but its priority is to be super functional and to help you in doing tasks. Braina is a multi-functional AI software that allows you to interact with your computer using voice commands in most of the languages of the world. It has features like math, news, music search, image search, video search, notes, alarms, reminders, translation, unit conversion, travel itinerary planner, grammar and spelling proof reader etc. making Braina one of the most powerful AI on the market and a superior alternative to Chat GPT.
  6. ChatGPT has limited knowledge of world and events after 2021.
  7. You can create sophisticated custom voice commands using Braina to control your computer and increase your productivity.
  8. Braina Pro allows you to accurately dictate speech to text in over 100 different languages of the world. It has over 100 advanced in-built dictation commands.
  9. Unlike ChatGPT, Braina can use the knowledge that it has learned to perform actions. (see image below)
    Braina Artificial Brain feature
  10. Unlike the ChatGPT’s web interface, when you use ChatGPT via Braina, you don’t have to log in each time you want to use ChatGPT.
  11. ChatGPT is always available via Braina (even when the demand is high).

We have recently launched the Braina AI Chat GPT alternative mobile app and it is exclusively available for Android users on the Play Store: This app is extremely easy to use and supports all of ChatGPT and more features. It is the best companion for days when you are on the go or if you don’t want to open your laptop but are in dire need of completing a lot of work.

The Android app cannot do all the things that Braina can do on PC but the Android app can do all the things that ChatGPT can do. We will be adding more cool features to the app soon. Here are few screenshots of the app.

AI writes email

Funny AI

AI grammar correction and coding

AI Travel itinerary

Tutorial on How to use ChatGPT in Windows OS.

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