Braina 1.70 Changelog – Advanced Strong AI Chat Engine

New improvements made in Braina version 1.70/1.72 are as follows:

  1. Advanced GPT based Strong AI Chat Engine (Online)
    Now Braina comes with an option of an Advanced Chat Engine. This new online AI engine can answer any of your queries! The new AI engine has request quota limits that can be purchased from All existing Braina Pro users will receive a free quota of 100 requests for trial. Remaining Quota can be checked here:


    A separate detailed post on the capabilities of this new AI engine will be posted on the blog soon.

  2. Custom voice commands now support placeholder parameters
    Custom commands now support parameters or variables! You can use three placeholder variables <x>, <y> and <z>.
    e.g. Command name: I like <x> color
         Command value: echo <font color=<x>>You like <x> color

    custom voice commands

    A separate detailed post on this feature will be posted on the blog soon.

  3. Web search engine customization options
    Now you can ask Braina to search on your favorite web search engine. Web search options include, DuckDuckGo, Bing, Google or Custom. With custom option, you can specify search URL for any web search engine. The search query will be appended at the end of search URL.

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