Braina 1.96 – Web access for Large Language Models (LLM)

New improvements made in Braina version 1.96 are as follows:

  1. Web access for Large Language Models
    Web access feature allows the Advanced AI Chat engines or LLM to incorporate the latest information and trends into their responses, ensuring that their answers are current and relevant. For example, a large language model with web access can provide up-to-date information on weather forecasts, upcoming movies, or new events, offering users real-time insights and accurate data. Additionally, web access empowers Braina to gather diverse perspectives and support its understanding of nuanced topics, resulting in more comprehensive and insightful communications.

    To enable web access for LLM, go to Settings -> Search/AI Engine tab, turn on “Enable Web access for LLM” switch and click Ok.

    Web access for LLM feature is available in the Lite free version and there is no additional charge for web access feature. However, as more context (around 600 to 800 words) is passed to the Advanced AI Chat engine, more credits are utilized.

  2. Bug fixes
    Fixes an issue that caused “Unable to generate image” error for Advanced AI Image.
    Fixes an issue that caused system voice to play along with Advanced AI Voice.

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