Braina 1.97/1.971 – Custom Words / Vocabulary

New improvements made in Braina version 1.971 are as follows:

  1. Custom Words/Vocabulary
    Using Custom Words/Vocabulary features, you can teach uncommon names of people, technical jargon, medical, legal or scientific terms to Braina. This can be very helpful for correcting mistakes in dictation. For example, you can use “Correct that” command to correct incorrect dictation with the help of Custom words.

    To add custom words, go to Tools menu -> Custom Words or press Ctrl+Shift+W shortcut.

  2. Advanced AI Chat/LLM reply text and code formatting
    Now Braina will format the text and code in replies given by LLM.
  3. Faster Advanced AI Chat/LLM replies

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One thought on “Braina 1.97/1.971 – Custom Words / Vocabulary

  1. R/Sir Madam,
    If dictation is given through speaker attached with the Smartphone, and the voice is very clear,
    then Can the Braina Software work ?

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