English language punctuation and dictation commands – Braina Pro

A list of all English language dictation and punctuation commands are as follows. Please note that you will need to speak these commands individually with a pause before and after (not continually with a spoken utterance for dictation.) Moreover, these commands will only work while you are dictating in third party software (such as Notepad, Word etc.) and not in speech recognition window.

. full stop
, comma
! exclamation mark
& ampersand
° degree
# hashtag
| vertical bar
: colon
; semicolon
? question mark
/ forward slash
\ backslash
_ underscore
Single quote
Double quote
{ Open brace
} Close brace
( Open parentheses
) Close parenthesis
< Open angle bracket
> Close angle bracket

Enter / New Line
To go to next line while in dictation mode.

New Paragraph
To go to next paragraph while in dictation mode.

Delete that
Deletes last dictated sentence/word in dictation mode.

Deletes last character.

Inserts tabular space equivalent of Tab-key press.

Inserts a space.

Uppercase / Lowercase / Titlecase / Sentencecase
Change character case.

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