Medical Dictation into EMR / EHR (Electronic Health Record) using Braina

We know that EHR/EMR is real-time, patient-centered documentation software intended to make health info available instantly and securely to authorized users whenever and wherever they need it.EHR systems are built to share data between healthcare providers and organizations, including laboratories, specialized experts, medical imaging facilities, pharmacies, schools and workplace clinics.

In the United States, the potential that electronic health records (EHRs) offer remains largely untapped. Used effectively, EHRs help physicians provide higher-quality, more personalized care to patients—at a lower cost. Let’s see how you can become more productive with your EHR using Braina Pro software for medical dictation.

What is Braina?
Braina is a multi-language intelligent personal assistant, voice command and voice recognition software. You can use Braina Pro speech to text software voice to dictate text to any software in your Windows PC including Microsoft Word, Excel, EHR / EMR etc.

How Braina is a helpful tool for EHR (Electronic Health Record)?

Braina is a true game-changer for the EHR charting process. Many physicians make a voice recording of medical notes for transcription later and have been doing it that way for years. However, by integrating Braina speech to text software with electronic health record (EHR) software, physicians can add necessary notes directly to the EHR using only by speaking while meeting with the patient.

Braina’s speech to text conversion technology accurately “types” the notes directly into the medical record in real time as they are spoken in your choice of language. The ease of adding notes in a manner that is compatible with the physician’s workflow improves practice efficiency and saves time.

Braina pro includes medical specialty and sub specialty vocabularies. With an accuracy rate of up to 99%, you can dictate confidently knowing they’ll have high accuracy from the first day of use without need of any voice training. You can also create custom voice commands.

How to use speech recognition with your EHR/EMR?

You can get Braina Pro from here:

Once you have installed the software, please follow the steps below to dictate in EHR/EMR Software (or in any other software similarly). Stop typing and start dictating documents in Windows!

  1. Click on the microphone button (grey button on the bottom-right side of Braina’s window). This will open a new window. If it asks for permission, click on Allow button. Finally,  the grey microphone button will turn red.
  2. Type or say “Dictation mode on” (without quotes). Alternatively, you may also click on the D icon on the menubar. The icon will turn green indicating that the dictation mode is on.
  3. Open the EHR system and place the mouse pointer where you want to write patient’s information (or in any other software in which you want to dictate) and start speaking in the microphone to dictate. Whatever you speak will get typed in the field which currently has focus.

Braina’s real-time and accurate speech recognition and voice commands helps Physicians shift their focus back to the patients, while Braina can help handle all the necessary, yet time consuming clinical documentation. Here is a list of all EHR / EMR system compatible for medical dictation.


Whether it is in the workplace or on the go, by integrating Braina with EHR will help doctors take their focus away from typing notes into the EHR and put it squarely back to where it belongs: on the patient. Further, less time specialist invests in typing information into the record, the more time they have to deliver one-to-one, high-quality healthcare.

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