Offline dictation or speech recognition in Windows using Braina

Note: Since Braina’s 1.81 version update, you can directly use offline speech recognition on your computer without the need of Android app. Please refer:

We know that various speech recognition services need Internet connection to work. To use speech recognition in Windows OS such as Windows 10 or Windows 11, the computer needs to be online. However, in some cases we may need to use speech recognition or dictation feature when the computer is offline. Braina Pro provides a way to dictate to your PC when it is offline. Let’s find out how can we dictate into a Windows PC using Braina when the PC does not have an Internet connection.

Steps to dictate in Windows PC when the PC is offline

  1. Install Braina Pro on PC and Braina’s PC Remote Control Android app on your smartphone or tablet. Login using your Braina account credentials in both PC and mobile app.
  2. Turn on hotspot (tethering) on your Android device and turn off WiFi and cellular network data connection such as 4G or 5G data to make sure that your smartphone or tablet is not connected to the Internet.
  3. Now connect your computer to your mobile’s hotspot network. See following video tutorial to know how to connect your computer to smartphone’s hotspot network:
  4. Open Braina and navigate to Tools menu -> Settings -> Speech recognition tab. Select “Braina Smartphone App” in “Alternate Speech to Text option” dropdown menu. You will be able to see a IP address which will generally start with “192.168”. Enter that IP address in Connection Options page of Android app and click on Connect.
  5. After successful connection, enable dictation mode by taping on the D icon in Android app. The D icon will turn green indicating that dictation mode is enabled.
  6. Tap the microphone button, and speak the phrase to be dictated. It will get typed on PC.

Note: You can also connect over WiFi instead of hotspot/tethering. However, most of the WiFi networks generally have Internet access. So unless you know how to disable Internet access on your WiFi router, hotspot/tethering is a better choice.

If you are facing any problem in connecting Android app to the PC, please see: Braina for Android FAQs

You will be able to use the default language that you use on your Android device for offline speech recognition. In order to use other languages, you will need to download a language pack under offline speech recognition under “Language & Input” or “Gboard” or “Voice Typing” or “Search, Assistant & Voice” in Settings. (depending upon your Android device and brand).

5 thoughts on “Offline dictation or speech recognition in Windows using Braina

      • I am considering purchasing your software because I cannot type, and I am working on my first novel. Because I am concerned about my work, pre-copywrite could being stolen. Will your product work when I use it disconnected from the internet and wifi and hotspot? The version of Microsoft office I currently have requires me to be connect to the internet to dictate. So, I am hoping your product will allow me the freedom of getting my verbal ideas on paper without being accessible by a hacker on the internet. Please advise, thank you. Brian Kosa.

      • If you use Offline speech recognition engine in Braina, your voice is not sent over the Internet. It is processed by your computer locally. So your work is safe.

    • I only want product that works like Dragon but cheaper one time purchase price. No cell phone or remote dictation. just microphone to windows 10 documents and emails. One time purchase price please?


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