Review FireCMD and get a Serial Key for Free!

If you are a reviewer, blogger or a software evaluator then you have a chance to get a serial key of FireCMD absolutely free. We offer a free permanent registration key to anyone reviewing FireCMD on their blogs, YouTube channel video, podcasts or websites. Please send a key request with the review’s URL to

Here are some resources which may help you with your review:

Terms and Conditions

  1. Please write an original review. You may not be eligible for a free serial key if you have copied the review written by other authors.
  2. The content of the review must be unique and should not be just a big part copied from FireCMD’s site with no or little modification. Write about your own analysis of strengths/weaknesses of the software.
  3. You may not be eligible for a free serial key if the review is on a free sub-domain such as “*”. Though if you have a famous blog/site on such sub-domain then contact us: to know whether your site is eligible or not.
  4. The review should contain at least a single link to the FireCMD’s homepage. Do not use techniques (like rel=”nofollow”) that try to hide credits from search engines.
  5. The free serial key that you receive from us should be used by a single individual. You can use it for your own personal use or you can do a giveaway. You should not sell the serial key.

4 thoughts on “Review FireCMD and get a Serial Key for Free!

  1. This is very usefull software to practice linux in our window machine. It will help to develop our linux knowledge hands on.

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