Comparing FireCMD and PowerCmd – Command Prompt Emulators

We have already compared FireCMD with Take Command and PromptPal. Today we are looking at PowerCmd which is a cmd emulator like FireCMD. Unlike FireCMD, it does not provide a command processor replacement. It is not even a complete console emulator.

Some features of PowerCmd are:

  • Tabbed Interface
  • Save command line sessions
  • Configurable fonts and colors
  • Search bar
  • Configurable fonts and colors
  • Optional line numbers
  • Optional window to display environment variables

I doubt the usefulness of an optional window to display environment variables and line numbers. We can simply type “cmd:SET” or “env” (without quotes) in FireCMD shell or “SET” in cmd.exe to view a list of environment variables. I’m not aware of any other significant feature in PowerCmd that’s lacking in FireCMD.

PowerCmd doesn’t support console apps other than CMD. You can’t run PowerShell or Cygwin in tabs. It always loads CMD when starting tab windows. PowerCmd’s display output speed is slower than the Windows console, and more than 4 times slower than FireCMD. Scrolling the display takes a long time. Lets check the comparison table.

Features FireCMD PowerCmd
Price $29 $29.99
GCLI (Graphical Command Line Interface) Yes
Tabbed Windows for Console Programs and Command Line Apps Yes Yes
In-built File Editor (FireTXT) Yes
UNIX-like Environment Support Yes
Persistent Aliases/Macros Yes
Recursive Aliases Yes
Customizable Font Yes Yes
Quick Zoom In/Zoom Out Yes
Enhanced Command Line Editor Yes
Multiple Undo / Redo Options in Command Line Editing Yes
Enhanced File and Directory Name Completion Yes
Command Substitution Yes
Command Substitution using Files Yes
Enhanced Path Environment Variable Management Yes
HTML and CSS Support Yes
Text Search Utility Yes Yes
Remembers Command History for Next Session Yes
Remembers Last Working Directory for Next Session Yes
Save Output as HTML Yes
Snapshot Feature Yes
Display Speed – dir /s c:windows (in seconds) 19.4 94.2
Commands Provided 218 0

PowerCmd doesn’t include a command line interpreter.

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