Comparing FireCMD and Take Command – Command Prompt Replacements

Take Command is a Windows command prompt (cmd.exe) replacement like FireCMD. Till now, we have only found Take Command as a similar software like FireCMD which provides both command processor and console replacement. Though Take Command is not a GCLI shell like FireCMD. It works by providing emulation of their command processor tcc.exe unlike FireCMD which has an integrated command processor.

Some features of Take Command are:

  • Tabbed Interface
  • Configurable fonts and colors
  • Integrated file explorer
  • Search facility
  • Compatible with command prompt
  • Save to file
  • Toolbar
  • Aliases (only for command and directory)
  • Batch file editor
  • Filename completion

The only major feature that we have found in Take Command that is not available right now in FireCMD is the file explorer. We don’t find the file-explorer as a must have feature. We already have commands such as lst and open which can be used to explore files and directories. Though we will implement this feature soon.

Take Command provides 150 new alien commands. On the other hand, FireCMD provides more than 190 familiar UNIX commands with known syntax and great help resources all over the internet. FireCMD provides some super cool interactive internal commands such as echohtml, lst, path etc. which are missing in Take Command.

The batch file editor that comes with Take Command is not integrated and comes as a separate program. In FireCMD, we have an in-built editor – FireTXT. This can prove quite useful for programmers as they can edit source code of programming/scripting languages such as batch script, Java, C, C++ etc. in one tab and compile/run them in another tab. Take Command’s batch file editing environment is based on Scintilla. Scintilla and Scintilla based editor called SciTE is available for free download. Lets check out the comparison table:

Features FireCMD Take Command
Price $29 $99.95
GCLI (Graphical Command Line Interface) Yes
Tabbed Windows for Console Programs and Command Line Apps Yes Yes
In-built File Editor (FireTXT) Yes
UNIX-like Environment Support Yes
Persistent Aliases/Macros Yes
Recursive Aliases Yes
Customizable Font Yes Yes
Quick Zoom In/Zoom Out Yes Yes
Enhanced Command Line Editor Yes
Multiple Undo / Redo Options in Command Line Editing Yes
Enhanced File and Directory Name Completion Yes
Command Substitution Yes
Command Substitution using Files Yes
Enhanced Path Environment Variable Management Yes
HTML and CSS Support Yes
Text Search Utility Yes Yes
Remembers Command History for Next Session Yes Yes
Remembers Last Working Directory for Next Session Yes
Save Output as HTML Yes
Snapshot Feature Yes
Display Speed – dir /s c:windows (in seconds) 19.4 19.5
Commands Provided 218 182

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