Lawyer’s Dictation (Speech to Text) and Virtual Assistant Software

Legal documentation is a very important aspect of a lawyer’s job. An accurate and error-less documentation is extremely essential to get the work done. But writing legal documents, forms etc. is not at all an easy task. Braina Pro is a very helpful software for lawyers which will make legal documentation easier and faster. Do you spend most of your time writing and typing legal documents? Braina can help in writing and formatting legal documents with lesser efforts and minimum usage of time. Apart from legal documentation, Braina can also help in other additional tasks like setting reminders, fixing appointments, taking notes, etc. It is an all-in-one software for dictation, legal documentation and virtual assistance.

Voice Typing for Lawyers

Braina’s speech recognition supports 90 international languages for dictation. You can directly type your legal documents by dictating in MS word, Notepad, Practice management software, etc. You can also type messages and e-mails in any language you want. Unlike other software, Braina does not require any voice training for operating it. Once installed, you can directly use it for your tasks. Braina is trusted for its dictation accuracy and it is used by lawyers in over 180 countries!

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How will Braina help Lawyers?

Legal Transcription

You can use Braina to write legal documents, notices or citations. Its dictation feature is time saving and reduces the physical efforts of typing. You just need to speak in the microphone and Braina will automatically convert your speech to text and type it in any software or website on your computer. Braina Pro has voice recognition accuracy up to 99%. It understands legal vocabulary, it has a user-friendly interface and it doesn’t require any training. Braina Pro removes the need of hiring costly transcribers or stenographers. With Braina, you can directly convert client’s confessions to text format. Either in court or at client’s home.

Bookkeeping notes

Handling the clients details and accounts are an important part of a job. You can use Braina for keeping the details of the clients.

Appointments & Reminders

Braina can help you in managing your appointments and reminding court dates.

Legal Research

Braina can also help in research. It can be used for finding and storing any kind of information related to any legal operations or any case. You can search for anything just by giving voice commands.

Managing Court dates

Braina can set reminders for your court dates and meetings just by voice commands.

Note arguments

Do you find it difficult to remember all the details and terms related to the petition? You can easily type your important arguments in notes feature of Braina just by dictating.


You can also create templates of the legal documents using voice recognition alias features. You can save the formats for different types of documents in the form of templates. And next time when you have to use the same format, you can access it by a single voice command. You can custom voice commands to insert repetitive terms and clauses in the document.

Text to Speech

Along with speech to text feature, it also has text to speech features. You don’t have to read long case studies and documents. Braina can do that for you. It can read any document you want. And you just have to hear. No need to strain your eyes for reading. Listening to a file rather than reading it, also saves time.

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  1. Great info! these days virtual assistants play a better role in wide ranges of industries, apart from lawyers speech to text applications can help with educational industries, bloggers, healthcare by transcribing their complicate data within seconds.

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