Braina 1.3 Changelog (Release notes)

New features added in Braina version 1.3 are as follows:

  1. Artificial Brain (Beta)
  2. Improved UI
    Braina now comes with new quick access menus. The menus comes loaded with various pre-defined commands.
  3. Braina user interface

  4. Send email
    Send Email - Braina
    Note: Braina will open the default email client on your computer. If no email client is configured on your system then no action will take place. In this case, please configure a default email client on your PC. For more information, check the links below:

  5. Find age from birthdate
    e.g. If John was born on 12th July 1990 then find his age
    e.g. What is my age?
    Find Age from Birthdate
  6. Find day from date
    e.g. Which day is today?
    e.g. Which day was on 5th July 1965?
    e.g. Which day will be on 15th November 2020?
  7. View all artists, albums and genres of music on your computer
    e.g. Show all artists
    e.g. Show all albums
    e.g. Show all genres

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