Braina 1.31 Changelog (Release notes)

New features added in Braina version 1.31 are as follows:

  1. Remote Mouse and Keyboard Control using Android app – Turn your Android phone or tablet into wireless mouse and keyboard and remote control your PC over a WiFi network or hotspot. Slide on phone’s screen to make the PC/Laptop mouse cursor make movement. Tap on the phone or tablet’s touchscreen to click on your PC.
  2. Voice Recognition Aliases
  3. Pause/Resume Reading Text
  4. Show Tips option
  5. Built-in commands for Windows 10 apps and settings

3 thoughts on “Braina 1.31 Changelog (Release notes)

  1. Wow – for a .01 release this is packed with tons of great stuff!
    The voice recognition works much better now – nice going Braina team!
    Anxious to try out the pause/resume and other new features.

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