Braina 1.33 Changelog (Release notes)

New features added in Braina version 1.33 are as follows:

  1. Voice Command Prefix – Voice command prefix feature is now added back. Voice Command Prefix can be useful when you only want Braina to listen to commands that you speak after a specified prefix. This can be quite useful if Braina is listening to its own reply. When this option is enabled, Braina only listens to the voice commands that are prefixed by the specified prefix phrase. For example, if you have specified “Computer” as a voice command prefix and you want to know the weather condition then you will need to speak “Computer How is the weather?”. Braina will not give reply if you only speak “How is the weather?”

    To enable voice command prefix, go to Tools menu -> Settings and tick the Enable Voice Command Prefix option and enter the prefix phrase that you want to keep. Default prefix phrase is “Braina”.

  2. Voice Activation Phrases Changes – We have made some changes in the voice activation phrases. The new activation phrases are as follows:

    1. Braina Show Window – Shows Braina’s window
    2. Start Listening – Starts speech recognition
    3. Braina Start Listening or Start Listening Braina – Shows Braina’s window and starts speech recognition
  3. Title case and Sentence Case in Dictation mode – Apart from the “uppercase” and “lowecase” commands, you can now speak “titlecase” and “sentencecase” in dictation mode to change character case to title case or sentence case respectively. Title case converts first letter of each word of a phrase to capital case while Sentence case only converts the first letter of the sentence to capital case.

  4. Dictation mode on/off icon in menubar

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