Get Braina Pro for Free by creating a Video Review

Yes, you can get 1 Year Subscription of Braina Pro absolutely free. All you have to do is create a video review of latest version of Braina Pro AI software with screen recording demonstration and post it on YouTube.

Offer Terms:

  1. Video length should be at least 5 minutes. Video content should be original and unique.
  2. Video should be posted publicly on YouTube.
  3. Brainasoft will have all the copyrights of the video.
  4. You will receive a single license (serial key) of 1 Year Braina Pro Subscription after you have posted the video.
  5. Brainasoft reserves the rights to reject a video which is very unprofessional or slanderous.
  6. You will have to purchase Braina Pro and then create video. We will refund back the amount after you have created the video

Feel free to contact us for any queries regarding this offer.

10 thoughts on “Get Braina Pro for Free by creating a Video Review

  1. what do we have to do to get a lifetime license? this really makes me wanna put this on pirate bay just for the bit making it seem like the video would get it for keeps. you should probably mention its only for a year in the places youre advertising such. is there any way to integrate this with the google gemini stuff and bypass the subscription model? i hate the corporate greed shown with it. i understand its to cover the LLM server usage costs. why not make a shareware version for people that know API’s and LLM’s, sell it for a much smaller one-time fee since the majority of the world will have no clue. you get more money & ppl like me wont be forced to attempt to pirate it which would lead you to less money since this is the most useful program ive seen in a long time.. its a win-win, really. do let me know..

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