Braina 1.34/1.341 Changelog (Release notes)

New improvements made in Braina version 1.34 are as follows:

  1. Fixed double space between words problem in dictation mode
  2. “Start Listening” activation phrase changed to “Braina Start Listening”
  3. Bug Fixes

Note: “Start Listening” activation phrase was added back in minor update 1.341

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6 thoughts on “Braina 1.34/1.341 Changelog (Release notes)

  1. Hello, It is not a marketing tactic. Many customers complained that Braina automatically started speech recognition even if they have not spoken "start listening" due to background noise. The two words command was changed to three words command to solve this problem and avoid Braina starting speech recognition at random times. May be we can provide an option to select either "Start Listening" or "Braina Start Listening" to the users in the next update.

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