Braina 1.44 Changelog (Release notes)

New improvements made in Braina version 1.44 are as follows:

  1. Multi-language mode (Beta)
    Braina now supports voice commands in more than 100 different languages including German, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, French, Portuguese, Turkish, Indonesian, Greek, Nederlands, Norwegian, Danish etc. This means you can talk with Braina in your mother tongue.

    To enable multi language mode go to Tools menu -> Settings -> Voice and Language and under Multi-language mode select On. Also select the Braina’s output language to the one in which you want to get replies and click on Ok button.

    You can also select the default speech recognition language from Tools menu -> Settings -> Speech Recognition tab.

    Note: Internet connection is needed to use multi-language mode. Moreover, enabling multi language mode will delay Braina’s responses by 2-3 seconds.

  2. Online Text to Speech voices

    With support of multiple languages for voice commands Braina also now support online TTS voice for most of the languages. For English language, we have 5 new online voices: US English Female, UK English Female, UK English Male, Australian Female and Indian Female.

  3. Online voices Braina

  4. Play multiple random songs

    Till now the play song command only played a single random song stored on your computer. Now Braina searches and plays 10 random songs from your computer when you give play songs command. You can also specify the number of random songs to be played by using Play X random songs command where X is the number of songs you want to play. Please note that this command works properly only in VLC player.

  5. Default speech mode on startup

    If you are using Braina Pro only for speech to text conversion in third party software and not using voice commands much then you can specify dictation mode as the default mode of Braina. This option can save time by removing the need of switching to dictation mode each time you need to dictate in third party software. You can specify the default speech mode on startup from Tools menu -> Settings -> Speech Recognition tab and clicking on Ok.

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