How Artificial Intelligence Makes Marketers More Intelligent

AI is becoming the X-factor for marketers today, and many companies are already embracing it. The marketing industry is agog at the potential outcomes of artificial intelligence (AI). Let’s investigate what CMOs are equipped to use AI for today, and sneak a peek at the future.

The prominent US pioneer of marketing John Wanamaker coined the phrase, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half”. Fortunately, for us, it’s no longer valid. AI is transforming the way the world does business, and marketers are at the forefront of this innovation and growth.

AI will allow marketers to invest their time in the right places

Firstly,  many of the tasks marketers execute are highly repetitive and need very little creativity. Therefore, AI in business will simplify everything from preparing, scheduling and recording meetings, including automatic meeting scheduling, and using your voice to command your device or app. For instance, you can employ Inforobo for your enterprise, which is a ready-made but highly customizable platform to automate interaction with your customers, clients, website visitors and internal employees with the power of artificial intelligence. The Inforobo sends automatic responses in real-time. Customers no longer need to wait for email replies. Additionally, Inforobo’s artificial intelligence provides the front-line sales support so that your sales development staff can focus on more complex tasks.

Therefore, by automating routine tasks, AI will make marketers more productive. It will give them more time to truly get to know the customers and create campaigns that resonate and inspire customers to do great things together.

Revolutionizing the marketer’s role with AI marketing

AI is not just providing companies with virtual personal assistants — it is reshaping marketing as we know it. AI not only gives customers a better experience, but also predicts about their buying behavior, likes and dislikes and help marketers predict their future buying behavior. Nowadays, digital marketers are helped by an immense wave of information that is available from accessible, advanced data analytics tools. Digital marketers can utilize this information. Data collected from AI will help narrowly define their target markets. Past digital marketing experience indicates that the more narrowly you can define your target market, the greater return on investment you can expect to see.

Quick example? Chief marketing officer of Priceline, Ben Harrell says, “We leverage AI to find a much faster way of coming to data-driven decisions to improve the experience for our customer,”. By utilizing AI techniques, including data analytics tools, Priceline company is able to dig through so much data and provide customers with the best travel deals. In this way, AI provides a better way to tailor the results to meet each customer’s needs.”

The time to act is now

Enterprises who haven’t yet started, now is the time to begin developing your AI initiatives. Enterprises who are just starting, it’s time to double your efforts. AI can bring value to the entire organization and can shatter the confines of the IT department. In fact, marketers agree that enterprises that don’t leverage AI technologies will be at competitive disadvantage in the near future.

Furthermore, Forbes research confirms that marketers recognize the key role of AI: 84% of those surveyed say AI is important to the future of their company and that it’s five times more important than other technology solutions such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing.

Final remarks

One of the hottest and most important trends in business today is the unshakable growth of artificial intelligence (AI). Companies should collaborate with AI experts in order to assist them in the transition of adopting AI in their marketing. Marketing is meant to improve the customer experience, and AI unquestionably helps in this regard. Moreover,“There is the proverb: Marketing is getting the right message to the right person at right time in right place,”. “Ultimately, the most essential thing is to aid customers find what they’re looking for and have a better experience.”

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