Why And How To Use Digital Voice Assistant In Your Startup

Have you started thinking about how to use digital voice assistant in your startup? If you haven’t started, it’s time to begin.

Voice assistants are transforming how we work, shop, search, email, access media and control devices, among countless other tasks. It has huge potential to transform how we run our businesses, as well as how we interact with our customers and employees and add value to their lives. Therefore, all businesses should consider how they can harness voice assistants to provide employees and clients with a superior user experience.

In 2015, Gartner estimated that “30% of our interactions with technology will be through ‘conversations’ with smart machines by 2018.” And according to research firm eMarketer, the number of Americans using a voice assistant device is forecast to grow 129% to 36 million. Since we discussed the AI-powered personal assistant apps to increase productivity, more and more enterprises have been adopting it to improve their business processes.

And it’s a form of technology that more startups should consider implementing in the workspace. Here’s why.

Type With Your Voice Instead Of Hand

Executives used to depend on recorders or assistants to record what they said. From there, the information would be typed up and could be used for different objectives. Now, all that can change by having a voice assistant listen to what you say and record that data for you. The data can be saved digitally and then sent to another program. Plus, you can tell your voice assistant to share it with a team member. Additionally, it will help you not to type up blog posts, memos, emails, and reports anymore. It allows you to get these tasks done quickly — even you’re working on something else.

With Braina as your digital assistant, you can accurately dictate (speech to text) in over 100 languages of the world, update social network status, set alarms and reminders, remember notes for you, search the web, open programs & websites, find information, automate various computer tasks, read ebooks and much more. Consequently, all of this (and even more) is only one simple command away.

Task Managers

As mentioned by PC Magazine article, companies can integrate things like the Alexa Skills Kit and Actions on Google to add voice technology to everything a business needs to do. This comprises of email marketing, expense tracking, e-commerce and fleet management. For instance, Google’s voice assistant can draw information from other Google apps and services — including Keep, Calendar, and Gmail — to provide information at a moment’s notice when you need it. If you fear you’ve missed any emails from yesterday, you can always ask Google Assistant, “Did I miss any emails from yesterday?” and the assistant will pull up emails that remain unopened.

Quick Researcher And Calculation Wizard

While people already use voice assistant to look up information instead of typing into Google, it’s now being used to do the same thing in terms of business research, tech questions, and calculations. This allows you to keep working while the information is retrieved.

Furthermore, you can allow your voice assistant to access company’s data for certain projects, which allows you to call up specific information quickly. This type of feature would be ideal for sales and marketing teams to quickly access certain information. Even content writers and other team members could benefit from the convenience factor of using a voice assistant to deliver information to them.

Scheduling and preparing meetings

You can enable voice assistant to work with your calendar app. This allows you to cut out time-consuming work in terms of scheduling meetings, putting appointments on calendar and prioritizing those tasks that you need to complete each day. With two AI-empowered tools working together, your digital voice assistant and calendar app can also let other people know about meetings and events that are coming up. Plus, with just your voice, you can edit or change a meeting, add a participant or ask a question about an event. Moreover, after learning your habits and routine, they both know how to create a to-do list for you.

Braina, your voice assistant for business

Our personal assistant, Braina’s artificial intelligence makes it possible for you to control your computer using natural language commands and makes your life easier.

Braina enables you to focus on important (and value-creating, purpose-generating) tasks – allowing you to be more productive by connecting tools and aggregating information into one simple format: A conversation.

Final Words…

Startup owners should answer this crucial question: How my business can use voice to provide a new or differentiated user experience? After all, the people are saying that voice technology makes their lives easier and better. Voice Assistant is the next big thing on the market. Understanding it today is crucial for your business in the future. In the next year, using voice will become a rapidly growing trend, creating new markets, devices and sectors we can’t even imagine now. Further, most things in the world have been done using voice communication between people. Now it is time to do it again with one human and voice assistant.

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